Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Possible General Outline

For this blog, my intention is basically to systematically go through what might be called my philosophical "system", as well as give special attention to specific matters.

I'm going to talk about the mind/soul first, then physics, cosmology, and metaphysics, as well as ethics, politics, and theology in parallel; a sort of split into three topics on matter, and three on interactions. But I am sure I won't stick to that as a hard & fast rule.

Generally, too, I will be moving from the thing being studied to how we know/study/recognize it, since we see the thing first before we understand it.

I also will give some specific proofs or discussions--"proof" being not always, though sometimes, syllogistic:

  • Proof(s) of the existence of God
  • Proof of theism (God is a person/mind) from deism
  • Proof of Trinitarianism from general theism
  • Proof of the Resurrection (which itself, if accepted, will be shown to constitute proof of Christianity)
  • Proof of the correctness of Orthodoxy
  • Proof of the immateriality of the intellect
  • Proof of the immortality of the intellect
  • Proof of the sufficiency of the five external senses
  • Proof of the sufficiency of the eleven internal "emotions"

  • Discussion on Geocentrism and frame of reference
  • Discussion on Creation and Evolution
  • Discussion on Bohmian and Copenhagen Quantum theories
  • Discussion on abortion & rights
  • Discussion on the Is-Ought problem
  • Discussion on virtue ethics & other theories
  • Discussion on mixed government & other forms
  • Discussion on a-confessional versus secular states
  • Discussion on sexual ethics and public policy

So if you're looking forward to any of this, keep reading, and if you have any thoughts for topics, let me know, and I will be glad to get to them!

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